(More characters will be added as they enter the comic!)


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Age: 8.
Gender: Male.
Description: A young runaway. He speaks in a relatively polite/formal manner for someone his age,
indicating that he must have come from a decent upbringing, but he doesn't like to talk much about
what his life was like before coming to the circus. He claims to be incapable of smiling, and,
as expected, he is a bit of a pessimist. Also seems to have trouble trusting people.

Madam Aria

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Age: Unknown. Has claimed to be 21 for the past 10 years.
Gender: Female.
Description: The owner of the carnival, and the ringmaster of the circus. She is very showy and
animated. She's a real people person, and tends to be viewed as a mother figure to her employees.
She is always willing to hire people who are in desperate need of a job, no matter what
their age is, and it's a bit of a mystery how she manages to bypass child labor laws.


(full body reference currently unavailable)
Age: 23
Gender: Female.
Description: The costume maker, and Aria's best friend. She's an avid lover of fashion. Because of
her extremely upbeat personality, it's very difficult to upset her. She is really attached to all
of her fellow employees. She has no family, so she views the carnival/circus members
as her family.


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Age: 18.
Gender: Male.
Description: One of the clowns. His specialty is making balloon animals. Overall, he's kind of
silly and fun, but he's the type of person who gets discouraged easily. Doesn't handle criticism
very well.


(full body reference currently unavailable)
Age: 19.
Gender: Female.
Description: Another clown. She does performances with a girl named Anise. She isn't a very bright
girl, but she's sweet and gets along well with people. Her best friend is Lonny, and she is rarely
seen without him.